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doomketsu [userpic]
lolita styles
by doomketsu (doomketsu)
at February 13th, 2009 (05:43 pm)

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hello..*bows* i'm a mod for this great church of manaism, my name is doomketsu, but people may call me ketsueki, or if your my good friend then call me ketsueki-chan ( and no its not my real name if your wondering >. >)

so anyway i will be telling you the different styles that are out there, and what they look like.
this blog is not quite finished but if u have information that would help, then message me..


- Gothic Lolita

- Erololita

- Gurololita ( my fav. =D, umm yes just saying.. >. >" ) 

- Oriental-styled Lolita

- Sailor Lolita

- Country Lolita

- Hime Lolita ( for those who do not know what hime means, it means princess) 

- Shiro Lolita ( white lolita) 

- Kuro Lolita ( black lolita) 

- Boystyle ( not sure why this is even lolita ... >. >") 


- Punk Lolita

- Classic Lolita

- Sweet Lolita

~Non- lolita~

- Lolita Cosplay