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vampire_rose69 [userpic]
Nocturnal Romance(1/?)
by vampire_rose69 (vampire_rose69)
at July 12th, 2009 (07:37 pm)

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Title: Nocturnal Romance(1/?)

Author: Vampire_Rose69

Pairings: ManaxSeth(present) GacktxMana(past) JukaxSeth(past) mentions of: GacktxHyde and MikaruxJuka

Disclaimer: I don’t not own this men if I did I would be a very happy kira very happy!!

Summary: Can mana find love in a human boy named Seth?

Author’s note: Sorry visusal_keilove for not posting in a long time but here it is a new story!! Check out my quizilla stories at Fallen-Dark-Angel13!!enjoy!!First post on manaism YAY!!



    It was a dark and clear night in Japan. Mana was stilling alone on his black leather couch drinking wine mixed with blood on that cold winter night. He was thinking about what he would do since his lover the famous Gackto Camui decided to leave him for a man that goes by Hyde. Hyde is a mere human...why would he leave the king of all vampires.....me... for a mere insignificant human.. Just the thought of it made manas blood boil.

            Mana got up from his seat and decided to go take a walk so he went and put on his hat and coat. Mana walked out the door and through his garden of blue roses. As he walked along he saw the humans either going home to a family or going to bars to get drunk. Disgusting humans.......their just a waste of space.. Mana thought as he continued walking to his favorite cafe. As he entered the cafe he saw two men sitting at a table.

            One had long reddish purple hair and it was up he was in all black. The other had red hair with black roots. The first one  locked eyes with mana but he quickly turned away when he realized mana caught him staring. Mana went up to the cash register to order some coffee and a blue berry muffin. After getting his order mana went outside to go eat and enjoy the darkness and the cold winter wind. Little did mana know the two men were talking about him.


            Seth couldn’t help but stare at the beauty that walked into the cafe. He had long raven black hair, topped with a silky black hat and a long coat that reached his hips. The stranger happened to also have a nice ass too. He was so concentrated on watching the man walk outside he didn’t notice Hayato having a smug smirk on his face. “Well looks like little Seth happened to find another vampire to have his heart stolen by and locked away to never see sun light again.”

            “Shut up Hayato!!! You don’t know anything about me and Juka!!” Juka was Seth’s boyfriend for almost 4 years. Seth was Juka’s blood lover, Seth could only survive by drinking Jukas blood and vice versa. “Well you do know that the mans ass you were busy looking at was non other that Mana the leader of all vampires.” Hayato said while taking a drag of his cigarette. Leader of the vampires huh.....well if I’m interested in him my family will surely try and kill him...” Your right bout that Seth, you saw how they acted to Juka, your family will hate you if you go for mana-sama.” Hayato said.

            “ Besides I thought mana was dating Gackto Camui.” “Hayato how many times have I told you not to read my mind!!” Seth snapped at his vampire friend. Seth came from a family of the worlds most known vampire hunters. His parents were ashamed when he said he was gay and angered when they figured out that Juka was a vampire. Now though they don’t have to worry about Juka anymore he left Seth for Mikaru and when a vampire breaks the bond from his blood lover its very painful experience for the human. After the man went outside he noticed that he dropped his wallet on the floor. He picked it up. “Are you going to return it so you can get a chance at him or not?” Seth turned to Hayato and gave him a smirk. “You dirty bastard.” Hayato just shrugged. “Are you gonna waste all my hard work to do that or are you gonna talk to him?” with that Seth walked outside feeling Hayato smiling while smoking his cigarette.


            Mana sat outside by himself looking at the people passing by and up at the full moon in the dark night sky. He noticed a familiar face across the street and recognized it as Gackt with his arm around Hydes waste. Mana was disgusted by the sight of gackt leaning over to get Hyde into a deep passionate kiss. “Excuse me?” Mana turned from the sight to look at the young teen boy he saw earlier with his hair up. “ Yes what do you want.” He noticed the boy wince at how harsh his voice was.  “ Well I noticed that you dropped your wallet and I wanted to return it to you.” he handed mana the wallet. The boy stood there for a few seconds before turning around and starting to walk away. Something about this boy interested mana deeply.

            “Boy what is your name?” The boy turned around. “ Seth and may I ask for yours?” clearly this boy was human because every vampire knows who he was. “My name is mana now would you mind to keep me company out here or would Hayato care if I stole his friend?” “No I don’t mind mana-sama just don’t take little Seth home to late his parents would kill him.” With that Hayato left the cafe and mana and Seth alone. Seth took a seat next to mana and sat in silence.

            “I didn’t know Hayato liked to go find a playmate in humans.”  Mana said. Seth turned to face him. “No mana-sama I’m not his play thing we are just good friends.” Mana got closer to Seth to the point where he was blushing. “Well now I notice that scent you are Jukas blood lover are you not?” Seth averted his eyes to the ground. “ We were he left me for Mikaru after 4 years.” Mana felt the pain in Seth’s heart and he felt his old heart beat. “Well I guess we have that in common you were left for a vampire and I was left for a human.” Mana took a drink of his coffee as he felt Seths eyes on him. This boy....Seth....might be what I need right now...and he probably needs me...He thought.

            As the night went on mana noticed Seth was getting tired so he told him that he could give him a ride home. He agreed and they walked to manas house and the got into his black Lamborghini. On the ride to Seth’s house the radio was playing some motley crew. “You like them mana-sama?” Seth asked as Dr. Feelgood started playing. “Yes I do and please stop calling me mana-sama just call me mana.” Seth and Mana on the rest of the way there they talked about motley crew and other old school bands. They were both surprised to see that they had the same taste in music. When they got there Mana got out of the car and walked Seth to the door.

            “Well it was a pleaser meeting mana I hope we meet again.” When Seth said that mana caught him off guard by pulling him into a deep and passionate kiss. He was shocked at first but he accepted it. When they broke for air mana spoke. “Oh, I’m certain we will meet again good night Seth.” With that mana walked away. “Good night mana.” Seth said smiling. With that he opened the door not knowing his family saw and were waiting for him to walk in.......