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vampire_rose69 [userpic]
Nocturnal Romance (2/?)
by vampire_rose69 (vampire_rose69)
at July 12th, 2009 (07:40 pm)

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Title: Nocturnal Romance (2/?)

Author: Vampire_rose69

Warnings: man smex and abuse

Pairings: Manaxseth, hayatoxsugiya, mentions of kxkozi

Summary: Can mana find true love in a human boy named Seth?

Disclaimer: Does not own any of these men but I think haru owns mana but that’s different story for a different time my dear children.



     As Seth stood there and watch mana drive off he couldn’t help stop thinking of the man that he only knew for a short period time. He kissed me......but why would he kiss a human...Seth opened the door to his home and walked in but what he saw there made him freeze. In the living room was his mother, father, and two brothers, k and sugiya. “Well it’s nice of you to join us Seth so why are you so late tonight its midnight.” His mother said. “Sorry me and my friends lost track of the time.” Seth said. “So ill guess ill be going to bed good night.” He started walking when all of a sudden his father grabbed his wrist.

            “Well maybe if you weren’t being Juka’s little vampire whore you would have been here on time!!” His father said with anger in his voice. He then threw his son on the floor and threw a vase at his back. Seth screamed in pain as some of the pieces got stuck in his back making him bleed. His father started pulling them out hard and making the cuts grow bigger. After that Seth was too weak from loosing blood to move.        “I’m....not.....his...whore....dad.....I...never..was...I...will not be.....anymore.” Seth said but more pain came as his father stepped on his back putting a lot of pressure on his wounds. Sugiya and K watch in horror while the middle brother gets put threw the abuse. They were now afraid for not only Seths life but their own. “Let This be a lesson for you two boys never follow your brother’s example sugiya and don’t start what he did K you two are the pride and joy of this family your brother is a failer.” Their mother, who was unfazed by her husband’s actions told them.

            “ Now all of you go to your rooms you have school tomorrow and as for you Seth,” the father turned to his son who was still on the floor. “ Learn your lesson and maybe you might be able to find a woman that will love you even if you are a failer.” He then turned to his other sons. “Help your brother to his room and out of my sight.” Sugiya and K hurried to their brother and helped him up the stairs and into his room. “ Sugiya go to your room I have to talk to Seth alone.” K said to his younger brother who left without a word. “What do you want K?” Seth said as he managed to lean back on the headboard.

            “Why do you keep staying out so long with the vampires are you trying to get yourself killed, I mean dads pissed already cause you said you were gay but this is just a death wish Seth.” K said with worry in his eyes for his younger brother. “That’s like me asking you why do you insist in hiding that you’re gay and the fact that you’re with Kozi.” Seth said while looking out the open window. “How do you know about that?” K looked at his brother with shock. “Trust me K, you guys shocked me when you two were making out at the blood bar tonight surprised you came home early from that.” Seth said with a smirk. “Well that doesn’t matter right now I’m just saying this because I’m worried about your my baby brother Seth, I don’t want you to get killed and Sugiya looks up to us both so it kills him to see you like that earlier.” Seth sighed at the thought of the youngest of them. He was born the weakest and smallest of them all.

            He was born sick and was not very likely to survive. He managed to survive and live. “Alright K ill try not to get killed but same goes for you alright?”  Seth turned to K. “Fine along as Sugiya doesn’t get in trouble.” With that K left to his room. Seth got ready for bed as well as K but they didn’t know what was going on in Sugiya’s room while they slept.


            Sugiya was laying in his bed alone in the dark or so he thought. “Come out Hayato I know you’re there.” Out of the shadows came Hayato walking and smoking. “Well my little Sugiya you don’t have to worry about me.” Suddenly Hayato was straddling Sugiya and started grinding on him earning a moan from his blood lover. “Please.....Hayato...uh...not here....my..par-ents are gonna hear.” Hayato stopped. “Aww but I am so horny right now.” Hayato said as he got off of Sugiya. “And it looks like your horny too.” Hayato smirked at the sight of Sugiya trying to cove his Sugiya Jr. “Why don’t we continue this at my place then Ill really make you scream.” Before Sugiya could complain Hayato had teleported them to his house. “Well it’s been a while hasn’t it?” With that Hayato pulled Sugiya into a fierce, lust filled kissed. Sugiya moaned into the kiss as he tried to undo Hayato shirt which came off. Hayatos speed helped him take off Sugiyas pants and shirt. He then went and started kissing Sugiyas neck and bit it to draw some blood and pulled Sugiya into another kiss. “Pl..ease.....Hayato....suck..me.” Sugiya moaned. “Only for you my little pet.” With that Hayato pulled down Sugiyas boxers and saw his full on hard member. He started to kiss the tip of it and lick it the tip.             “Ple...ase....Hayato...stop.....teasing.  Sugiya panted. Hayato then deep throated Sugiya earning a moan from his lover. He started bobbing his head back and forth. Sugiya bucked once but Hayato hold his hips. “Uh, Hayato.... I think I’m gonna....ah HAYATO!!” Sugiya screamed as he came into Hayato mouth who swallowed it. “Now my pet its time for my pleasure.” Hayato pushed Sugiya up against the wall and entered him. The pain is what Hayato knew Sugiya enjoyed when he screamed out in pleasure. Hayato started out slow and deep. “Please...Hayato....harder!!” Hayato obeyed and started going faster and harder. Hayato kissed and sucked Sugiyas neck and shoulders leaving hickes. He wanted people to know that Sugiyas was his and his only. Sugiya kept moaning out Hayatos name as he was moving his hips to the rhythm of Hayato.

            “Uh Hayato....Hayato...I’m gonna...AH!” with that Sugiya came onto Hayatos stomach. With a few more thrusts Hayato filled Sugiya with his seed deep inside of him. Sugiya collapsed onto Hayato who managed to teleport them back to Sugiyas room. Before Hayato put Sugiya on his bed he cut his hand and put it to Sugiyas mouth who drank it. After he was done he fell asleep. “Good night Sugiya, my pet.” Hayato kissed him on the lips gently and disappeared into the darkness from where he came.