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Church of Mana

Holy Religon of Manaizm

Church of Mana- All Worshipers/ Manaizm followers
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All Members , Moderated
this community is all about mana-sama as you can guess. Fanfics, bueaty tips, styles, clothes, band and other things all realting to mana. in this community mana-sama is our god and we are all his bitches. I mean it mana rules us all and now we shall bow our heads in prayer and sing the hymm immortal madness.

(note: this community is just for fun, we like mana alot here and thats why we do this. this is not a real religon and we do not want people to get all touchy if someone cracks a joke about mana looking like britney spears in the malice mizer days. So don't join if you can't take a joke)